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Cedar Waxwing, Pastel, 16x20

Bluebird and Garry Oak, Pastel, 26x30, SOLD

Enchanted by Blue, Pastel, 15x21

Contemplating the Void Between, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Golden Gala, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Three Views of a Beach, Pastel, 15x21

Flash of Scarlet, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Sparrows Sing Vespers, Pastel, 15x21

Yellow Island Number 12, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Golden Flight, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Iris and Damselfly, Pastel, 12x18, SOLD

Golden Kelp, Pastel, 14x20

Cat and Campanula, Pastel, 12x18

The Way Up, Pastel, 22x32, SOLD

Rufus and Honeysuckle, Pastel, 20x20

Camas and Chocolate Lilies, Pastel, 15x21

Lupine at Cattle Point, Pastel, 15x21

Poppies Letting Go, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Irrepressible Joy of Living in Air, Pastel, 22x32, personal collection

Kissed by Starlight, Pastel, 12x18, SOLD

Reaching, Pastel, 15x21

Finlayson Ridge, Finalyson Ridge, Pastel, 15x21

One Day Out of the Blue, Pastel, 15x21

Fawn Lilies - Path to Mount Young, Pastel, 15x21

Shooting Star Trail, Pastel, 12x18, SOLD

Autumn Mist with Heron, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Moment at the Lagoon, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Zen Garden, Pastel, 15x21

Evening Passage, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Candles for the Solstice, Pastel, 15x21, SOLD

Changing Places, Pastel, 16x20

Path to the Cove, Pastel, 20x20, SOLD

Sailing by the Cove, Pastel, 20x20

Canopies #1 Big Leaf Maple, Pastel, 14x20

Quail On Oak Bough, Pastel, 20x32, SOLD

Oyster Catchers and Yellow Kayaks, Pastel, 20x20

Iceberg Point, Serigraph, Edition Sold Out

Yellow Island, Serigraph, Edition Sold Out

Returning Swans, Serigraph

Flute Accompaniment, Serigraph, Edition Sold Out

Lily Pond, Serigraph

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