News For Winter and Spring  2013 -

It was necessary to be away from the studio several times on family business during winter and spring.  How well we all know that though we have carefully chartered a course for our lives, plans change.  I found myself thinking often this year about grabbing the moment no matter what and no matter where I found myself.

In March I attended a wonderful five day workshop which was informative on many levels and very inspirational.  It was all I had hoped for and I found that it was good for me to break away from my usual solitary work habits.

In May the new Peace Health Hospital on San Juan Island celebrated their recent opening with a lovely dedication ceremony.  Most of the artists whose work was purchased were present!  The hospital is truly a place of beauty and contemplation. My five pastels are hanging on the clinic wing across from the nurses station.

hospital Almostreadytoframe

The San Juan Island Artists' Studio tour was held on June 2 and 3 this year. The weather was perfect for us with lots of sunshine and fresh breezes, thoroughly bright and cheerful everywhere.  I love to welcome guests to the studio as they mostly all seem to be smiling and playful as though attending a giant island-wide party.

Spring Breeze a new pastel using new techniques sold during the tour  and is now in the personal collection of Dick Stein,  KPLU jazz host.


Other recent new works include -


With the long days of summer I hope to be out sketching more than ever.  The garden is a lush jungle.  There is an impossible amount of inspiration everywhere.  Where to begin!

GrahamThomasHoneysuckle Mossrose

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Summer 2012 -

In the last year I find that I have been more and more involved with images of birds as we have had so many species visiting our garden area. It is very rewarding considering our property was a rather desolate field over run by rabbits when we came to it in the late 1970s. Of course we loved the expansive views it afforded then but the addition of native plants and the cottage garden over the years has given this piece of land new dimensions in so many ways including the presence of many birds species and other wildlife.

New compositions for me this year include the violet green swallows at their nest box “Changing Places”, and the cedar waxwings that enjoy the native twinberry as observed last summer. I hope to capture the beauty of the lazuli bunting that surprised us with a visit in May. Some of the other many species here include the many crossbills with their new fledglings this spring and the wonderful cheery goldfinches that are so much a part of island summers. Inspiration is certainly everywhere.


A recent diversion from my work in pastels has been to try some mixed media for fun. With Lewis so involved in encaustic these days I have been inspired to try something using wax. Perhaps I will continue this little tide pool series for awhile as it has been refreshing to explore new media. I am using water soluble oil, some collage material and bees wax.


All images © 2013 Spaulding Studio

Fall 2012 -

In spite of numerous responsibilities, of tomatoes finally ripening on the vine and apples ready to harvest, September offered a window of opportunity for Lewis and me to fly east to visit friends in D.C. and cousins in Philadelphia. The weather was idyllic.

We walked everywhere with our gracious hosts visiting museums historical landmarks and monuments. Standing in the midst of so many masterpieces was thrilling and inspiring.

There were also explorations of the natural world, places long on our wish list to visit. How we enjoyed going to Chincoteague Island and Cape May. We found ourselves wandering on the dunes in the middle of a southern migration of monarch butterflies. There were numerous new bird species to see and other east coast critters as well as the beautiful wild ponies in the marshes.

It is good when you come home from your travels replenished, and so we did! We found the studio awaiting us as were the tomatoes and apples. Now winter stretches out ahead with time to gather up our memories.

Since our visit east, Hurricane Sandy swept over places where we stood. Oh planet beautiful and ferocious, you give us much to ponder.