Winter and Spring 2013 -


Glacial Erratic On A Sea Edge


cleaved off and hewed….somewhat

picked up

and carried

in the pocket

of some

roaming ice sheet

then dropped and forgotten

when that white ice blue

slipped, stopped

and melted homeward


and now

that packed granite block

sits with wet feet

on a flood tide

a forgotten


and will only speak

when spoken to

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Summer 2012 -

After a long period of no poems I have begun to write poetry again. My hope is to continue writing until I have enough poems for a chap book perhaps illustrated with my photos and encaustics. Eventually I hope to have a series of chap books. Here are a few of the latest images and poems -

An Orca Omen.........Perhaps


Its not

black and white

no not

the ballet black

sliding out tail

dripping curve

gracefully descending

disappearing black


nor the white

that broad brush white

long flash white

that shows off the black

that shows off the white


its in the mist


in the sigh and the breath

a full scale color curve

a rainbow.......hanging

breathless in the exhale


Bird At My Window


thrush ..... lies

hermit ...... still

before my window sill


you tried

winging headlong into

an Escher sky

painted on my glass pane

to enter

a pane of new dimensions


but more than hear

I wanted to see

your notes tumbling

on a color wave

I wanted to feel

those notes

bump against my lips

brush my cheek

before my ear


and now Nancy

leaning on a spade said

I buried a song

in the garden

All images © 2013 Spaulding Studio


Fall 2012 -

We are now almost into the winter season as we approach the solstice, however my images are still clinging to fall. The experiences of actual fall color were exciting this year as a visit to the East brought forth Vermont memories. I recall the green hills changing almost overnight as if a giant quilt had been tossed over them in patch work colors of reds, oranges, and even subtle purples. Misty mornings burned crystal clear by noon and the smell of burning leaves was pervasive. Here are a few autumn photos.


Notes From A Curious Cosmologist



rides on the back

of a proton

like a jockey

at Churchill Downs


particle or wave

your choice


out of the gate at 186,282 mile per second

forget...place or show


but slow the pace

don’t gallup through

childhood scenes

run roughshod

over delicious dreams


spiral those curves

and rein in your steed

we don’t need

light blink speed




Whistle For The Sun Dogs


those dogs come

at 22 degrees

falling off

ice crystals

Bernoulli says ...for effect

hexagonal ice crystals

with flat planes parallel

to the ground

with blue tails leading outside

then green then red

don’t those dogs

just love the sun though

and don’t you just want to

stir up that diamond dust

and watch those

rainbow dogs run